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Send Pushover Notification

The Send Pushover Notification action (v11.0+) allows you to send a Pushover notification.

 Send Pushover Notification

You need to include your Pushover API token, and the ID of the user to send it to (which will likely be your own).

You can optionally specify a list of devices to send it to, and a title for the message.

You can set a normal text message, a Monospaced text message, or an HTML text message.

You can set the priority to Lowest, Low, Normal, High or Emergency.

You can optionally include a URL and URL title as well as a sound to play.

For more details about this you can read the documentation on the |Pushover API.

Getting a Token

To use the action you will need an API token which you get by creating an account at Pushover and then using the link:

This will clone the information about Keyboard Maestro into your account.

You only need to do this once, after that you can go to your profile page and click on the Keyboard Maestro application entry to get the API Token/Key.

You might like to configure the action with your API token and your user ID and then save it as a favorite Action for future use.

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