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The Substring of Variable or Clipboard action allows you to select a portion of a variable or clipboard for later use.

Select from the Get substring of pop-up what to use as the source of the substring:

  • System Clipboard.
  • Named Clipboard.
  • Variable.
  • Text.

If you choose Named Clipboard, Variable or Text then you have the opportunity to select the clipboard or variable or to enter text.

From the pop-up select the nature of the substring. As you select an option, further details may be required. For example, if you select range you need to enter a starting point and then how many characters to include in the substring. The choices are:

  • to.
  • from.
  • last.
  • range.
  • from to.
  • delete to.
  • delete from.
  • delete last.
  • delete range.
  • delete to from.

Select from the To pop-up the destination for the substring:

  • Source.
  • System Clipboard.
  • Named Clipboard.
  • Variable.

If the source was text then the Source destination will not be available.

Tip: leave notes for yourself about what you're doing. Click on the gear icon at top right of the action to select Set Note…. A window appears where you can enter text. Click the OK button to save the text of the note for future reference.

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