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Web Browser Tokens

Keyboard Maestro can provide a wealth of information from compatible web browsers.

It does this by communicating with the browsers via AppleScript, so only browsers that support a compatible AppleScript can be used, which is currently restricted to browsers that support the Safari or Chrome AppleScripts, which includes Safari, Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Edge and their developmental versions.

The tokens come in three forms, for example %SafariTitle%, %ChromeTitle%, %FrontBrowserTitle%. They will access the front (or most recently front) Safari-like, Chrome-like, or either web browser respectively.

Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine must have Automation security permission to control the browser, and for most of the tokens, the browser must have Allow JavaScript From Apple Events enabled.

The information is gotten from the specified web browser’s front window, or front window’s tab. You can retrieve includes:

Token SuffixMeaning
Title The document title
WindowName (v11.0+) The window title
URL The document URL
ReadyState The document readystate
Field The value of a specified field
JavaScript The result of the specified JavaScript
Name (v11.0+) The name of the specified browser
BundleID (v11.0+) The Bundle ID of the specified browser
Path (v11.0+) The path of the specified browser
Version (v11.0+) The version of the specified browser
LongVersion (v11.0+) The long version of the specified browser


The %FrontBrowserField%document.forms[0][0]% token (and Safari and Chrome variants) returns the value of a field in the active tab of the specified browser.

The parameter can be an XPath or a JavaScript expression denoting a specific form field.


The %FrontBrowserJavaScript%document.forms[0].innerHTML% token (and Safari and Chrome variants) returns the result of executing the specified JavaScript in the active tab of the specified browser.

The execution time is limited (v11.0+) to half a second, so for longer or more complex JavaScript code, use the Execute JavaScript in Front Browser action instead.

The front browser will be the most recently front Safari-like or Chrome-like web browser.


1. Get All Text on Web Page


2. Get Full Page HTML


3. Get Text Identified by HTML tag and class


Full List

The full list of web browser tokens is:

  • SafariTitle
  • SafariWindowName
  • SafariURL
  • SafariReadyState
  • SafariField
  • SafariJavaScript
  • SafariName
  • SafariBundleID
  • SafariPath
  • SafariVersion
  • SafariLongVersion
  • ChromeTitle
  • ChromeWindowName
  • ChromeURL
  • ChromeReadyState
  • ChromeField
  • ChromeJavaScript
  • ChromeName
  • ChromeBundleID
  • ChromePath
  • ChromeVersion
  • ChromeLongVersion
  • FrontBrowserTitle
  • FrontBrowserWindowName
  • FrontBrowserURL
  • FrontBrowserReadyState
  • FrontBrowserField
  • FrontBrowserJavaScript
  • FrontBrowserName
  • FrontBrowserBundleID
  • FrontBrowserPath
  • FrontBrowserVersion
  • FrontBrowserLongVersion

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