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keyboardmaestro CLI Tool

You can use the keyboardmaestro CLI Tool to trigger or edit macros.

The keyboardmaestro command line tool is included within the Keyboard package, in the Contents/MacOS folder, so if the Keyboard package is installed in the normal location in the /Applications folder, the path to the command will be:


You might like to make a link from the /usr/local/bin folder like this:

sudo ln -s '/Applications/Keyboard' /usr/local/bin/keyboardmaestro

Or include an alias to the command like this:

alias keyboardmaestro='/Applications/Keyboard\'


keyboardmaestro [options...] <macro name/uid>

Like most CLI tools, you can ask for help by passing the argument --help. The arguments are:

-a –async Do not wait for macro to complete
-e –edit Edit the macro instead of triggering it
-h –help Show the help message
-p –parameter <value> Pass value as the %TriggerValue% parameter.\ Use - to read the value from stdin
-v –verbose Show debugging information
-V –version Show version number

This command will edit or trigger a Keyboard Maestro macro as specified.

The macro name can be the name of a unique macro, the UUID of a macro, or the XML of an action to execute.

In edit mode, the macro name can be the name or UUID of a macro, macro group or smart macro.

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