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Macro Sync

Keyboard Maestro includes built in support for syncing you macros.

First, all except the first Mac will have their macros entirely replaced, so if you have different macros on each Mac you should export any unique macros for latter import after you have set up syncing.

  • On the first Mac, select Start Syncing from the File menu, select Create New, and save your macros to your Dropbox (or other) folder.
  • Wait for Dropbox to do its magic.
  • On each other Mac, export any unique macros, select Start Syncing, select Open Existing, read the dialog, then select the sync file in your Dropbox folder, then import your unique macros.

Macro syncing is all or nothing, so all your macros will be on all your Macs, and you can edit them on any Mac. You can set a Macro Group to be disabled specifically on this Mac by editing it in the editor.

As long as you don't make changes on two Macs faster than Dropbox syncs you will not get any conflicts, but if you do, Dropbox will save a conflict file and one or other change will be lost. You will probably need to periodically delete any conflict files Dropbox generates.

Note: Only your macros are synced. None of your preferences, clipboards or variables are synced.

For more information, see Keyboard Maestro 7 Documentation: Macro Syncing

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