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Tokens allow you to add textual information to token text fields. You can tell that a field accepts tokens because a small T shows in the field while editing it.

You can insert tokens into a field using the Insert Token popup near the field or by choosing Insert Token from the Edit menu. You can also start typing a token and use type completion to complete the token. You can insert a token by name by choosing Insert Token by Name from the Edit menu.

The available tokens are listed on the wiki Tokens page.

Text token fields also process %NN% or %NNNN% as arbitrary hex unicode characters (eg %41% is an A), and (except for regular expression fields) process backslashed characters \a,\b,\e,\f,\t,\r,\n (bell,backspace,escape,form feed,tab,return,line feed).

To include a percent in your text, simply double the percent (%%). To include a backslash \ in your text, double the backslash (\\).

Many actions allow you to turn off tokens or backslash character processing if you need to use text that has percent or backslash characters.

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