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FoundImage Token

The %FoundImage% Token (v8+) returns the details of the last found image in this execution instance. The last found image could have been found by a number of Actions or Conditions, like Find Image on Screen Action.

The token returns the same data about the last found image as the Find Image on Screen Action:

  • left
  • top
  • width
  • height
  • fuzz

For example, after finding an image on the second monitor, this token would return:

If you set a Variable (say ImageLoc) to this token, then you may reference individual properties using this notation:

  • ImageLoc.x — Horizontal position of upper left corner.
  • ImageLoc.y — Vertical position of upper left corner.
  • ImageLoc.width — the Width of the match (same as the source image).
  • ImageLoc.height — the Height of the match (same as the source image).
  • ImageLoc.fuzz — the Fuzz of the match.
  • ImageLoc.Midx — Horizontal position of center.
  • ImageLoc.Midy — Vertical position of center.

The following result in this token being set to the last found image:

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