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Get Touch Bar Selection Action

The Get Touch Bar Selection action (v8+) lets you display a set of buttons in the Touch Bar and process the result.

The buttons are separated by vertical bars (|) just like the Prompt for User Input Popup fields. So, for example F__Fail|C__OK|B__Good|A__Excellent would display the four buttons Fail, OK, Good, Excellent and return a value of F, C, B or A.

Note that unlike the Prompt for User Input Popup fields, there are no separators and no concept of the initially selected field.

Output of Results

The resulting button can be:

  • Ignored.
  • Displayed in a floating window.
  • Displayed briefly in a Notification.
  • Displayed large across the screen.
  • Typed in to the current selection.
  • Pasted in to the current selection.
  • Saved to a variable.
  • Saved to the system or a Named Clipboard.

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