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OCR Screen or Image

The OCR Image action allows you to extract the text from an image using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) (specifically using either Apple Text Recognition (v11+ and macOS 10.15+) or the Tesseract OCR library).

 OCR Image

The source image can be pasted into the action, or read from the System Clipboard, Trigger Clipboard, a Named Clipboard, or a file, or you can get the image from the screen.

When reading from the screen, you can get the image from all screens, or from a specific screen or window or area on the screen.

You can choose what language or script the text is in. Each language will require a download, typically between 1 and 10 MB, though there are a few scripts that are significantly larger.

As with any OCR, the text may contain errors so you should be careful not to assume the result is 100% accurate.

By default there is a Clipboard Filter macro to OCR images available in the Clipboard Filters folder which you can access from the Clipboard History Switcher Gear (⚙) menu.

 OCR Clipboard Filter

Note that the Tesseract OCR software prefers black-on-white text, and while it will often work with white-on-black text, it will be more likely to fail in those cases.

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