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For Each Substrings In RegEx Match

The Substrings In collection contains the matches in the specified source.

You can look for matches in the System Clipboard, in a Named Clipboard, in a variable, or in a file.

You can scan for exact string matches, case insensitive string matches, or regular expression matches.

The result, stored in the For Each action variable, can be either:

  • the matched string: the For Each variable is set to the value of the matched string.
  • the position of the match: the For Each variable is set to the position of the match (starting at 1).
  • the range of the match: the For Each variable is set to the range (position,length) of the match.

For the range option, the variable contains the position and length with a comma between them, so you can use the normal variable array indexing to access the two numbers, eg if the For Each variable is theRange, then theRange[1] would be the position, and theRange[2] would be the length of the match.

Here's a practical example which superscripts all the numbers in the clipboard.

 Apply Superscript to Numbers in Clipboard

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