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If you have any problems writing macros, you can get help from a number of places.

  • This User Manual describes the basics of using the Keyboard Maestro editor.
  • The Tutorial will show you how to create a simple macros. You can start the Tutorial by choosing Tutorial from the Help menu.
  • The Quick Start describes the components of Keyboard Maestro and how they work together, and it is important to understand these basics to get the most out of Keyboard Maestro.
  • The Wiki includes lots of information on all aspects of Keyboard Maestro.
  • The Forum is a great place to ask for help with macros.
  • Each action in Keyboard Maestro includes an Help option in the menu at the top right of the action.
  • Holding down the option key while choosing from any of the Insert menus in the Edit menu will get you help on actions, functions, or tokens.
  • Holding down the option key while choosing from the trigger menu will get you help on the triggers.

And last but not least, you can ask Keyboard Maestro itself for assistance by choosing Assistance from the Help menu.

In particular, the Assistance window can help you:

  • if something is happening that you do not expect, Keyboard Maestro can show you what it is doing.
  • if a macro is not doing anything, Keyboard Maestro can help you to learn why.
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