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The Set File Attribute action sets one of various attributes for the specified file.

Select the attribute to set from the Set pop-up.

File attributes available to set are:

  • creation date.
  • modification date.
  • group name.
  • group id.
  • POSIX permissions.
  • extension hidden.
  • invisible.
  • HFS creator code.
  • HFS type code.
  • tags. [Delete any existing tags and add the designated new ones.]
  • tags (add).
  • tags (toggle). [Toggles between 2 or more designated tags.]
  • tags (remove).
  • comment.

Click the File Chooser button to the right of the action to select an existing file on disk. Option-click on the File Chooser button to show the currently selected file in the Finder (assuming it exists already).

Enter text or a text token in the to text area. Text tokens can be selected from the pop-up at the right-hand end of the text area.

The result of the action is displayed at the bottom of the action.

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