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What’s New?

Keyboard Maestro 11 expands on the powerful base of previous versions, improving the editor, adding many new actions and triggers, New Macro Wizard, a new Security preference pane, a keyboardmaestro command line tool, support for Apple Text Recognition, and more. Keyboard Maestro 11 requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.

Changed in 11.0.3

  • Support dragging a file on to the File Selection button in the Write to File action. (forum)
  • Added the SelectMenuByNameText token. (forum)
  • Corrected %LongSystemVersion% token to %SystemLongVersion%. (forum)
  • Worked around a bug in NSRegularExpression erroneously setting NSMatchingHitEnd. (forum)
  • Worked around an issue with Open the Finder Selection action. (forum)
  • Remove exists condition for Variable condition which has no single meaning.
  • Resolved a crash if you enter percent characters in USB Device or Mounted Volume trigger names.
  • Fixed Manipulate a Window action not working on multiple windows when it should have.
  • Fixed an issue with Focused Window Titled Changed trigger on activation. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying some forms of styled text. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue where the Active Macro Groups palette could be incorrect.
  • Fixed a possible issue with New Google Chrome Window action putting the URL in the old window.
  • Fixed an issue where modifiers could be added to the search field if it was the focussed field when the editor activated. (forum)
  • Tried again to resolve issues with non-integer refresh rates and the Set Screen Resolution action.

Changed in 11.0.2

  • Resolved an issue Display Large Text action stealing focus in Sonoma.
  • Worked around an issue when setting window position and size when the system is animating the changes and gets confused.
  • Fixed the Alert action to honor the Set Next Engine Window Position action. (forum)
  • Resolved an issue with keys in the status menu not being handled for a period of time after the Status Menu is opened.
  • Resolved an issue with Set Variable to Text action and arrays within tokens. (forum)
  • Set Variable to Text action will error if it is setting an indexed element and the index is out of range. (forum)
  • Resolved a performance issue with the %FrontDocumentPath% token in the editor.
  • Possibly resolved an issue with USB Device Key triggers when lots of 0 packets are sent by the device.
  • Fixed an issue with the non-edit display of OCR languages.
  • Fixed an issue with non-integer screen refresh rates.

Changed in 11.0.1

  • Request Calendar permission when using the Create Calendar Event action.
  • Fixed an issue with Press a Button and other actions when it fails but does not abort the macro.
  • Fixed some issues with the Select Menu by Name action.
  • Fixed Search and Replace action to fail when the source cannot be read.
  • Mitigate issue with 1Password corrupted bookmarks causing a crash/lag.
  • Fixed an issue with Show Palette of Macros action not using the default theme initially. (forum)
  • Fixed the %TriggerBase% token for the Periodic, Time of Day and other triggers. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with %FinderSelections% and other tokens on pre-Ventura systems.
  • Added a TokenTimeout and ForceSynchronousTokens preference. (forum)
  • Fixed some false positives with modifier only Typed String triggers.
  • Fixed an issue with Find Image & Click Mouse With Found Image actions when Waiting For Match.
  • Resolved an issue with the macro group Toggle window stealing focus in Sonoma.
  • Fixed a possible issue with some Wireless Network trigger names.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the non-Edit display of Smart Groups.


  • Added New Macro Wizard to quickly make new macros.
  • Added Security preference pane to summarise the state and adjust the various system security settings.
  • Added Macro Group synching option to Disable Macro Group on All Macs. (forum)
  • Report if macros that are deleted are in use by other macros.
  • Added deprecated: search string.
  • Added action:1234 search string.
  • Added word:wombat search string.
  • Show Click Location in Quick Look view of images in Click at Found Image action (contstant offsets only).
  • Added “Do Not Ask Again” option to Evaluate Conditions alert.
  • Added link to wiki Preferences in the General preferences settings.
  • Support inserting “¬” characters with option-Return in AppleScript script fields.
  • Support text completion for Path fields.
  • Support macros in AppleScript smart groups. (forum)
  • Added warning if the Keyboard Maestro application is moved while it is running. (link)
  • Added Find button when deleting a named clipboard that is used by one or more macros.
  • Added Move Action Up/Down menu items.
  • Added support to Press a Button action to scan application windows for buttons.
  • Default new Execute a JavaScript actions to modern syntax.
  • Added live results to the Search and Replace action. (forum)


  • Added keyboardmaestro command line tool for triggering or editing macros.
  • Added modern JavaScript syntax mode.
  • Added support for limiting variables passed to scripts.
  • Added Apple Text Recognition to OCR options (macOS 10.15+). (forum)
  • Added Active Macro Groups palette to show which groups are active (available via the Help menu or the Status Menu).
  • Simplified Paste "xyz" submenu in the status menu to just display the text.
  • Added an option to include macro icons in the status menu.
  • Added an option to include macro icons in the group status menus.
  • AppleScript do script now returns results from the Return action.
  • Execute Macro shortcut returns results from the Return action.
  • Added Blue Topaz palette theme. (forum)
  • Request Screen Recording permission if the Pixel condition is used.
  • Request Contacts permission if the %AddressBook% token is used.
  • Allow Create Unique File action without an output variable to execute without error.
  • Improved detection and reporting of errors in Browser Actions.
  • Use custom For Each action name in Display Progress title. (forum)
  • Added an option to show only images in the Clipboard History Switcher. (forum)
  • Support Command & Command-Shift Arrows in Spotlight-like windows.
  • Support \ processing in variable token array item separators (eg %Variable%Lines[3]\n%).
  • Limit %JavaScript% tokens maximum execution time to half a second.
  • Support arbitrarily large numbers of files dropped on a palette entry. (forum)
  • Resolve symlinks for Applications (specifically this helps with the move of Safari in Ventura).
  • Removed use of deprecated SecKeychainUnlock et al.
  • Remove the “The text is” (and similar) from the Display Text windows. (forum)
  • Allow Prompt for User Input sliders to return decimals. (forum)





  • Added Sentence Case filter.
  • Added Styled Text to/from RTF filter. (forum)
  • Adjusted the Word Count filter so that “1.49” is one word.




  • Fixed a performance issue in the editor switching to/from macros with large numbers of triggers. (forum)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if the icon of one macro was dependent on another recursively. (forum)
  • Fixed a possible crash after duplicate Typed String triggers fire and the macros are immediately reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue with Prompt for User Input sliders with initial values above 100. (forum)
  • Fixed some issues with the Ruler in text views.
  • Fixed an issue with the %|% token and emoji. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue searching for greater than 16-bit unicode characters. (forum)
  • Fixed some issues with truncating strings with greater than 16-bit unicode characters.
  • Fixed a glitch in the KeyCaps.icns file. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with %FinderSelection% and %FinderSelections% tokens.
  • Fixed an issue with USB Device Key trigger and MacBook Pro M2 Product ID = 0 keyboards.
  • Fixed Execute a JavaScript in Custom Prompt action to process tokens on script paths.
  • Fixed using Helvetica in the Spotlight-like windows.
  • Fixed keyboardmaestro: URL so it works when the editor is launched.
  • Fixed Typed String triggers with regular expressions to produce conflict palettes if appropriate.
  • Fixed an issue with the non-edit trigger display of times in certain time zones. (forum)
  • Fixed setting Trigger Macro by Name to a Smart Macro Group. (forum)
  • Fixed a memory leak when finding images. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with the Interactive Help listing macro execution multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue with the Interactive Help not listing recorded Quick Macro executions.
  • Added some logging for failed Accessibility window manipulations.
  • Fixed issue where a duplicated search string matched action does not appear matched.
  • Fixed an issue with overly enthusiastic search field completion suggestions.
  • Fixed issue with Palettes displaying wide enough to hold a title that is not shown. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with the window switcher switching to different monitors. (forum)


Download Keyboard Maestro now to try all these great capabilities. Or keep reading for even more details about the Features of Keyboard Maestro.

Alternatively, you can contact us if you have a question about whether Keyboard Maestro can solve your automation needs. We want all our customers to be satisfied, so we are happy to help you understand how Keyboard Maestro can achieve your automation goals.

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